Mom and Dad – At the bottom of this page there are some suggestions for your baby.

If you can read this, and your not yet a teenager, this page is for you. 
Answer these questions correctly and get a prize next time your at Dr. Bagaason’s office.

  1. Every 6 months I come to Dr. Bagaason’s office to get my teeth       .
  2. Tasty foam after cleaning      
  3. Something fun to put on paper or shirt?       .
  4. Used to clean your teeth?       .
  5. I can show off my clean teeth when I?       .
  6. Dr. Bagaason is your?       .
  7. If I take good care of my teeth they will be?       .
  8. Pink tissue around teeth?       .
  9. Used to rinse your mouth?       .
  10. Brackets used to straighten teeth?       .
  11. If I don’t brush my teeth well enough, I can get a       ?
  12. Good for cleaning between teeth       ?
  13. A picture of my teeth made at the dental office?      
  14. The stuff that builds up on my teeth if I don’t brush?      
  15. As a child you have 20 of these?      
  16. I put this on my toothbrush when I brush my teeth?      

Mom and Dad:
Here are some suggestions for your baby.

  1. Your infant’s gums can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth twice daily.
  2. When teeth appear use a small, soft-bristled brush with a small amount of fluoride toothpaste to brush any tooth structure and continue to clean gums twice daily.
  3. Helping your child to brush at bedtime is the best habit to insure optimal
    oral health. This will require Mom’s and Dad’s help at first until your child can do so independently.
  4. Children should be able to brush on their own by age 5.
  5. Lead by example your children will follow.